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      Do not fear going forward slowly; fear only to stand still.~ Chinese proverb

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Athlete Spotlight
Clay Rasley

Get to know our Athlete in the spotlight! 

Age? 41
Married? Yes to wife Tanya
Kids? Liam, age 7 
Human Resources Director + Head of Janitorial at Canard Labs  
When and why did you start at The Shipyard? 
I started OnRamp in September of 2015. I wanted to find something that would motivate and challenge me more than the typical bro-gym or...ugh...running. 
What were your first thoughts when starting OnRamp?  Oh, all of the cliches: “Everything hurts and I’m dying,” and “when does the soreness stop”  and “why am I so hungry ALL. THE. TIME??”   
What do you feel has been your greatest area of growth since starting? 
Mobility, hands down. I spent my entire life unaware of how immobile my hips and shoulders are. I’m still pretty far from where I want to be but the progress has opened up some fun movements that I was incapable of two years ago. 
What has surprised you about your time at The Shipyard?  The friendships. I really wasn’t expecting to connect with so many great people. 
Who inspires you (in or out of the box)?  I know it’s cheesy as hell but my wife inspires me. Watching her build her business from nothing has been incredible. Keeping up with her at work is challenging
Any personal goals for 2018? 
I’d like to be able to perform some of the more difficult gymnastics movements. Bar and ring Muscle-ups, pistols and handstand walk.

Coaches note: Clay is one of those athletes that coaches love to coach, reason being that he listens to what we tell him to do to get better. Then he follows through with action, making his increase in performance over the past couple of years a sheer product of his willingness to learn, stay humble, and work hard in and out of the box. He embodies the Shipyard credo and for that, Clay, we salute you!