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Do not fear going forward slowly; fear only to stand still.~ Chinese proverb

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  • "I was hesitant to try it out due to being 44 years old with multiple back and knee surgeries and had been stagnant for 10 years. Fast forward 9 months and I have lost 37 pounds..."
  • "A gym like The Shipyard doesn't happen by accident. It is built with intention from the inside out. The people within, the coaches, put their hearts into their roles; they tru..."
    Sara Elgin

"Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard."
--Tim Notke

Athlete Spotlight
Deron Eunice

This guy right here. 
Deron has been with us for just 8 short months and his transformation, from a coaches perspective, has been nothing short of phenomenal. 
Deron is a total snap shot of so many men. Mid 40's, divorced father of 3, and he came to me with concerns about his current state of health being a reason he "couldn't" do what we do. An Army veteran who fought in the Iraq war, he had multiple surgeries both to his knees and his back. So being out of shape and having that medical history, he felt like so many others do--this isn't for me. "I can't do it". Thankfully his friend (and one of our coaches) Ivan drug him into several free classes and he eventually decided he had run out of excuses. He'd give it a go.
Fast forward 8 months and DAMN. If I had never met Deron when I did during his OnRamp, I would've never known it was the same guy. And not just in the insane physical gains he's achieved but in the person who now shines inside. Deron is focused, committed, and detail oriented, which makes coaching him a pleasure. And, AND, he's also the biggest cheerleader in the room. High fives for everyone after each workout, pushing himself to push others around him, being open and raw about where he is that day when it's not the best because we ALL have those days. Him being human inspires the rest of us to remember that we are the same.  
D, you are one of those people who have walked through these doors over the years that I always look forward to coaching and admiring your affect on those around you. Your girls are lucky to have such an amazing role model as their father. And we are lucky to have you as our fellow athlete and friend.