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      Do not fear going forward slowly; fear only to stand still.~ Chinese proverb

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Athlete Spotlight
Andrew Van Blair

Get to know our Athlete in the spotlight! 

Age? 31
Kids? No
Valet Supervisor, Mill Casino
Chatsworth, CA
When and why did you start at The Shipyard? 
Started in November of 2015 because I was feeling miserable and thought exercise could be an answer.  Found out I love it and it's been the best thing maintaining my sanity.
What were your first thoughts when starting OnRamp? I thought about quitting.  I would instantly pass out when home and sleep for hours due to exhaustion.  The positive and welcoming vibe kept me going.
What do you feel has been your greatest area of growth since starting? 
Physically, my squats.  Never realized how much I'd love Back Squats or running, but now I look forward to them.  Mentally, I've gained the ability to trudge through pointless shit with a sense of calmness.  I value this most of all.
Who inspires you?
  Everyone who followed their dream even when others told them it wasn't worthwhile. Specifically, I'm really into David Lynch and Neil Gaiman at the moment
Do you have any box specific goals for 2017? 
I just want to keep improving and pushing myself. 

Coaches note: The Andrew that first came in our doors and the Andrew that comes in today can barely be compared. Not only has he improved vastly in the physical realm but I'd say by far his greatest growth has been mentally. His tenacity, his willingness to keep fighting when it feels impossible, his ability to not let his struggles define his experience, and just his general ease in participating and interacting with those around him in class. All of these things are where, as a coach, I hope he takes pride in his time with us. Yea, no doubt, he's gotten physically strong. But that mental piece is something that changes every other aspect of your life once you walk out of the doors after class and, once you've found that, it's yours for life.