The Shipyard Strength & Conditioning

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Training overview

  1. What do you do?

    We hold a strength and conditioning regiment that uses functional movements to help an individual or athlete excel in their health and fitness. This is done with ever changing, varied functional movements executed at high intensity.

       The Shipyard program is designed for everybody to be successful no matter what the fitness level. We use Olympic lifting, gymnastics, and variations of what most know as "cardio". Our program will challenge you physically and mentally; when your done, you’ll feel empowered.

     Everyday people overcome obstacles and set new standards that keep them motivated to always do better. At The Shipyard, we train in a community-based program with intensity that creates a strong bond between members. As a community you will sweat, expose weakness, support victories, and it will all be done together. We are a supportive community where we are strong, competitive, uplifting, and respectful.

      We are NOT affiliated in any way to other corporately owned entities in which this type of exercise is often categorized. The Shipyard stands alone in it's experience, training methodologies, and structure. We bring the best of all aspects of training to bring you what we believe to be the best model for overall health and longevity.

  2. But can I do it? I'm not in shape.

    YES! What we do is for everybody! 

    No matter where you are in the fitness spectrum, there is a place for you to start building strength and wellness with us. 

  3. I don't know how to do anything like this. Will there be help along the way?

    Yes and that is one of the aspects of our place that sets it apart from your regular gym. Each and every class is lead by a certified trainer who will not only teach and motivate you but also hold strict standards of form and efficacy in order to ensure safety for everybody. 

    Most new members will start in our On-Ramp program, which consists of 12 classes over a month's time; here you learn the basics of functional movements. Only upon completion of all OnRamp classes will you be eligible to attend our regularly scheduled classes.

  4. I've done this stuff before, can I skip the On-Ramp?

    There is a standards test that can be admistered for a $20/per attempt fee. This is a scheduled hour, outside of regular class times, and is administered only by Jen. 

    Once you pass this, then yes, you may sign-up for all regular  classes.


  1. Why do you guys charge so much more than a regular gym?

    Personalized instruction from a certified professional. Each class is limited in size to provide safe, efficient, and knowledgeable mastery of each workout. 

    It's like working with a personal trainer, at a fraction of the cost, with a great group of friends!

  2. Can I try it first?

    Yes! We have a Bring-A-Friend class that happens on Saturdays every 4-6 weeks. If you know someone who is a member, tell them to bring YOU!

  3. How do I sign-up?

    If you are brand new, you will sign-up for our On-Ramp program. Each 12 class cycle starts runs for a month and there are limited spots available. Check the date at the top of the front page of the website for the next sign-up opportunity.

    If you are interested in "testing out" of the on-ramp program, again, contact Jen to schedule a time for your standards test. A non-refundable $20 fee applies for each attempt.

  4. What are your class times?

    WOD classes are:

    Mon 5:30am, 6:30am, Noon, 4:30 pm, 5:30pm

    Tues/Thur: 5:30am, Noon, 5:30pm

    Wed: 5:30am, 6:30am, Noon, 4:30pm, 5:30pm

    Fri: 5:30am, 6:30am, Noon, 4:30pm

    Sat: 9am

    OnRamp program

    M/W/F 6:30-7:30pm

    Open Gym

    M/W/F 7:45-9am


    Sun 9am

What can I expect?

  1. I'm worried about this being safe for me....

    All physical activity is only as dangerous as anything not done right. Here at The Shipyard, we take an active stance on injury prevention in the following ways:

    Screening clients and modifying workouts accroding to abililty level

    Programming that keeps all levels of athlete challenged

    Smart, educated, and dedicated coaches

    Mandatory OnRamp program that new members must pass in order to learn proper technique before starting group classes.

    A strong emphasis on technique over speed of completion, quality over quantity

    A strong emphasis on not pushing through true pain, modifying whenever needed.

    Modifying any movement that clients can’t perform properly

    Corrective mobility exercises, drills, foam rolling, and stretches to improve technique. Clients are told what stretches and strengthening exercises they need to personally correct their own problems.

    Smaller class sizes

    Personal training for those who choose the option over group classes

  2. Is there nutrition information covered?

    Yes! We talk in depth during the OnRamp class times about how to eat well as well as general information regarding macronutrients, what types of fats are good/bad, and a framework for making good choices and guidelines for long-term health.

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